Dear friends, warmly welcome to YUHUU's english page. Hope you will love and enjoy it.

We added this new page to keep you informed with new facts, plans, songs, about the Band and his members.

But this unfortunately workes only in one direction and it means, that I (Nobi) will write if something happend.

If you want to comment anything, or have questions, or submit a proposal, than use the contact page please.

I will reply asap.


Hello friends, some news from YUHUU. We resigned our rehearsel room last month, and rent a new one.

It's phantastic designed, like an old blockhouse or a saloon with bar and chimney. I love it.

I will upload some pictures and videos for you.

Currently we're working at new songs. The next one, we will release in some days, is "Me And You".

For your information, I will upload this song to our website, before song will sent to the shops and

streaming services.


Dear friends, Happy New Year, stay healthy and lucky on all your ways you want to go. And always enough money in your pocket. Cool

End of 2021 we published "Me And You" and nearly same time we published also "Christmas Time" in advent calendar of Academy of Music Rheinsberg. Our songstress Ellen published same time with her daughter Daniela (as Duo Danell) a covered song "Das Engellied", at the same calendar.

You can see and hear here or on our youtube channel.




Hello again, good news from YUHUUU. We looked a long time for a good new

drummer, tested several and now we were succsessful. So we are happy

together now. I will add some pictures for you next days.

Without drummer was a brake on working with new titels. For the year 2022 we

try to complete our first album. Next three titels will be ready soon.

I'll keep you informed.